As part of our affiliation to Tennis Central the club has access to indoor or outdoor (off-peak) court hire at the Renouf Tennis Centre. This is a great opportunity to play more tennis so let’s use it!

Court hire is available to all members – squash, tennis, junior or senior – on a first in, first served basis. It can be useful for tennis interclub teams if they need to reschedule rained-off games, and also for lunch time or evening games. We aim to share our court usage allocation across members so may need to limit it to one hour per member per year. You are welcome to invite players who are not members of our club to join you for a game.

Courts are available only during off-peak hours or at times when they are operating below capacity. In general this means Monday to Friday- 8am - 4pm. 

To book a court, contact the centre (ph 384 6294) to check if one is available and tell them that payment will be made by Island Bay Levy. Then contact our Club Manager Henry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will authorise the levy to be used for payment of your booking.

If you haven’t been to the Renouf before, it is located at the bottom of the Brooklyn hill.  They have six indoor courts, which are good for bad weather days, and twelve outdoor courts with lights for night time outdoor play. There is also a shop selling tennis gear. For more information see their website on