Island Bay Tennis Coaching operates at the Club and is run by Dave Knight alongside his Senior Coach Henry Sim, as well as a team of talented assistants (including superstar players Henri Lyons and Alice Bolton). Find out more about them all here.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on any coaching matters at the club including the following programmes:

Junior Coaching

This operates Monday-Friday but is busiest after school on these days.

The team operate Hot Shots classes for beginners/younger children and then progressive yellow ball classes.

Beginners Groups (Hot Shots Blue, Red): A great intro to tennis for newbies and those coming to grips with the game. Players will learn all strokes and use games to cement this learning as well as make it enjoyable for all participants. Note: We endeavour to place older beginners (10+) separate to younger ones where possible.

Little Hitters (Hot Shots Orange/Green): This group has been designed for those players ready to move from a beginner group and who exhibit consistency in getting their shots over the net. Groundstrokes, volleys, and serve technique will be a focus alongside the development of rally-based drills/games.

Big Hitters and Interclub Team Training (Yellow) : Big hitters is for teenage players looking for rally-based training. Players can also organise their own training time for their interclub team to get in some extra specific practice for matchplay.

Private Lessons: Focusing on technique and aspects of the game needing improvement with a coach at the level required. A player-focused approach very specific to their needs/current level. Max of two players per private lesson during peak hours (3pm-7pm) or higher costs apply.


Junior Coaching sessions are for Club Members only.  If you are not yet a member and new to coaching, we can provide two 'trial' coaching sessions (on a pay per session basis) before club membership sign up. Details and pricing about membership can be found here.

For 5 and 6 year olds new to tennis we can offer the option of Junior Coaching without club membership for up to one term. This allows young kids a chance to give tennis a go without the commitment of club membership. This does not include access to courts outside of coaching sessions or to junior club day on Fridays. This club day is a great way to complement lessons in a more fun and casual environment at no extra cost to members. 

Junior Club Days: An extra hit which is free for members. 

Non-interclub players 4 – 4.45pm Fridays

Interclub players 4.45 – 5.30pm Fridays.

Coaching Cost(s)

Academy sessions are $15/session run by the coach, private lessons start from $25 for 20 minutes and all other junior groups are typically $13.50/session run by the coach. We typically invoice at the end of the term once sessions completed is known. This pricing applies for members only.

If cost is a barrier, please do get in touch. We believe tennis should be accessible for everyone.

Adult Sessions

We're pleased to offer the following 'Adult Session' Block Options at Island Bay Tennis Club from Term 4 2021:

Rusty- Mondays 6.30  7.30pm

  • Rally based drilling so players should be confident hitting the ball in most of the time and moving around the court.
  • Beginning 18/10 and ending 13/12 (no play Labour Day).
  • Enrolment options:
    • A- "Commit"-Pay $80 for the term (into the account below). Members only. 
    • B- "Casual"- Turn up on the day and hope there's room. $15/session.  Members or on 1 of 2 trials.

Active- Tuesdays - 6.15 – 7.15pm

  • Players should be able to rally and at a reasonable level.
  • Block Beginning 19/10 and Finishing 14/12 
  • Enrolment options:
    • A- "Commit" (Members)- Pay $90 for the term.
    • B- "Casual"- Turn up on the day and hope there's room -$15/session. Members or on 1 of 2 trials.

Active- Fridays 9.30 – 11am

  • Players should be able to rally and at a reasonable level.
  • Block Beginning 22/10 and Finishing 17/12
  • Enrolment options:
    • A- "Commit" (Members)- Pay $120 for the term into the account below.
    • B- "Casual"- Turn up on the day and hope there's room. $15/session for members. $20/session for non-members.

Cancellations will be made via the Club twitter feed at least 45 minutes prior to a session beginning. Otherwise presume on.

Coaching Account 01-0505-0930318-00  (with player name as REF).


The Coaching Team

Dave Knight

Dave took over as Head Coach at Island Bay in 2014 after completing an LLB/BA and being the Head Coach at Thorndon previously. Dave is TNZ and ATPCA qualified and has had the honour of working with a number of NZ reps and title holders. Coaching for Dave is player-centred in terms of building a good environment for their wants/needs so player progression/engagement can be immensely satisfying regardless of their level/ability. 

Henry Sim

Henry is also the Club Manager and is finishing off his degree at Vic as well as being a top singer/musician. Fair to say he's pretty talented. He has over 8 years coaching experience now and is working with some of the Club's best juniors as well as being very much responsible for the growth of the successful Rusty Rackets Programme at the Club. Henry is TNZ qualified/registered and will deliver a very well structured lesson which sees players improving very quickly.

Cam Lyons

Cam joined us this year and is a student in Wellington previously from Blenheim. He has been a rep junior tennis player for Marlborough and is an enthusiastic young coach who likes to constantly challenge his lessons to get better. He is currently a member of the top Island Bay men's interclub team.

Henri Lyons

Henri is the highest graded male player at the Club and is just about to embark on university study alongside coaching. His style is definitely "cool" but his willingness to engage with a junior player and get them more interested in tennis has been commented on consistently. He has completed his TNZ Assistant Coaching Course and is currently playing number 1 in Premier 1 interclub.

Alice Bolton

Alice (like Henri) is part of a big proud Island Bay Tennis Family and can be described as a really caring individual who will go out of her way to ensure those around her are happy/enjoying themselves - including those she coaches. She is a current national mixed doubles champion for her age and is the Manager of her Premier 1 Interclub Team.



 We put some questions to our coaches so you can get to know them better

  1.  Why did you start playing tennis? 
  2. What's your favourite shot?
  3. What's your biggest achievement in tennis?
  4. What do you enjoy about coaching?
  5. What's your favourite food?
  6. What are your other hobbies?
  7. Give us an unusual fact about yourself?!


  1. I found cricket a little slow so wanted to try something else.
  2. Any that goes in!
  3. I've really enjoyed watching players across many levels improve but I hope my biggest achievement (as a coach) is yet to come!
  4. Getting to know someone and being trusted to help them work towards their goals.
  5. Souvlaki's! 
  6. Guitar, reading and winning bets against people who dare doubt the Crusaders.
  7. I've been knocked out playing table tennis :/


  1. Watched the first Australian open final in 2010(Federer vs Murray) with my mate and have been playing for 11 years ever since. Inspired by Roger.
  2. Backhand down the line 
  3. Nationals and all the rep match victories.
  4. Giving back to the kids and seeing them improve every lesson. 
  5. Sushi or Steak 
  6. Playing all sports and going travelling with mates.
  7. I am a Twin. 


  1. I played because my dad was a good tennis player when he was younger and introduced me to the game
  2. My Favourite shot is probably my backhand.
  3. My best achievement in tennis was making the final of school nationals and playing on Sky TV
  4. I enjoy teaching others something I enjoy for myself.
  5. My favourite food is ribs.
  6. My other hobbies are playing different sports such as rugby and tap dancing.
  7. I am not related to Cam.


  1. I started playing tennis because my whole family plays. My brother was the first to start out of me and my siblings, and I guess I just followed their footsteps and found a love for the sport. 
  2. My favourite type of shot is a volley. I love being able to have control of the ball and being able to place it. 
  3. I have a mixed doubles national title
  4. I love working with kids and being able to teach them the sport I love. I also love seeing them learn new things and getting challenged whilst smiling and having a laugh because that’s what my coaches have taught me.
  5. Chocolate and Lasagne
  6. I love netball, I love playing in social teams with my friends like basketball and I love just in general hangout with friends. 
  7. Both my siblings are overseas in America on tennis scholarships. My sister is in California and my brother in Tennessee.