Island Bay's squash intraclub and leagues are an easy way of playing more squash, developing your skills, and meeting more members.  


Leagues are similar to intraclub but games are played on arrangement rather than on a set evening per week.  Entrants are placed in a small league of 5-6 players of similar ability, are given a couple of months to play each person in the league. Players submit their results and points are awarded based on turning up and games won per match, not just a point to the winner.  (Results are not submitted to the official grading list). A small prize is awarded to the winner of each league and promotion/relegation takes place at the end of each iteration to ensure each league's members are of similar ability.  Leagues are generally mixed age, but we can set up a junior league on request.

If you'd like to join, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Merv will be in touch.  You don't need to be on the national squash 'grading list' to play, just be a club member with squash rights or a pay-to-play member.

If you're fairly new to squash, whether a senior or a junior, and would welcome a squash player meeting you on court to talk you through the basics before you arrange your first match, let Merv know!  We're happy to help.

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Intraclub 2020 has kicked off again! Teams have five players, each game the best of five sets, and each set to 11 points. 

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