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There are a number of activities and events available to squash members:  These include:

  • Club night
  • Social competitions
  • Leagues
  • Club Champs
  • Competitive tournaments  
  • Interclub
  • Mums' squash

Club Night


Club Night happens every Monday evening from 7pm to 9pm (except public holidays). Club Night is open to juniors, men and women members and non-members.  New prospective members are especially welcome.  It's also a safe and friendly way to have a go at squash as well as meet some of the members before deciding whether to join the club.  You can turn up any time that suits you in that window.

All games are organised by a co-ordinator who will try to match players of equal experience and playing ability, provide some ‘stretch’ match-ups for players that want a challenge and enable experienced players to share their skills with improving players.  All experienced players come along in the knowledge that they may be asked to play with improving players for a session or two and they are generally very willing to do this.  This is an opportunity to come down and play games of 15-20 minutes duration with different partners.  It's a very friendly and informal way to meet people and it allows players to socialise with one another and find people of a similar standard with whom to play more regularly at other times.

Club Night is free for members and visitors and non-members are asked to pay $5.00 per person after they’ve had 3 free visits.  Bring your own racquet if you have one, otherwise there is a selection of 'old dungers' available for use on the night.  Non-marking shoes are required.

Social Competitions

The club regularly holds social squash competitions for members and non-members alike  which provide an opportunity for players to be introduced to tournament play, or provide team squash opportunities for those not wishing to play in the more serious Wellington Interclub competition.These include 'Business House Squash' and Fun In-house Tournaments such as the ‘Hanbag Doubles’   Look out for notices about these in the club e-newsletter. 

Squash Leagues

You may have heard of a squash ladder.  At Island Bay, we run squash leagues throughout the year which are essentially mini-ladders with the incentive of (small!) prizes for the winner of each league.   Any club member can enter.  The leagues work by every player being placed in a division of players of similar availability (typically about 5-7 players) and having 2 months to play as many other players in the same league as possible.  Players play when it suits them and are responsible for contacting opponents and making their own court bookings.  Matches are scored in the usual way (best of five) and the result is reported to the league co-ordinator or written on the upstairs squash notice board.  Even just turning up scores a point!  To enter the leagues and for even more information on how they work, click here.

Club champs

Towards the end of each season (September/October), the Club runs an internal tournament to determine the male club champion and female club champion.  If there are lots of entries the championships are divided into divisions to cater for players of different grades.  Even if you don’t tend to play interclub or tournaments, playing in the club champs is a great way to round off the competitive squash season in a light-hearted way.  It’s your opportunity to get your hands on some coveted club silverware and your name on the prestigious honours board.

Competitive Tournaments

Most squash clubs in New Zealand, including Island Bay, run squash tournaments.  Most tournaments cater for players of all standards, although some rule out some of the higher grades.  Typically each club runs an ‘Open’ tournament (which caters for players of all grades) and a ‘B and Below’ which caters for players of all grades except A grade.  Island Bay is no different, except it also runs an annual doubles tournament, an annual Masters’ tournament and sometimes a junior tournament too.


To find out when and where tournaments are scheduled, click to see Squash New Zealand’s event schedule.  Members will also be notified of Island Bay tournaments through the club newsletter, email, the notice boards and our Squash Tournaments page.


Players are usually charged an entry fee, but there are excellent odds of winning the fee back as prize money is almost always on offer!  The entry fee often covers afternoon tea or supper on the final day which is a great opportunity to socialise with opponents (or continue socialising!).  Players are placed in a division of players of a similar standard and usually play 3 matches if placed in a division of 4 or 8 players or 3 or 4 matches if placed in a division of 16 matches. 


The first match is usually played on a Thursday or Friday night, the second match on a Friday night or Saturday morning, the third match some time on Saturday and the fourth match on the Saturday or occasionally the Sunday.  Most tournaments wrap up on Saturdays and you would generally need to keep the whole day free in case you’re scheduled to play twice.  You will always be told when your first match is, but the day and time of your second match will always depend on whether you won or lost.  Make sure you tell the tournament controller (‘TC’) in advance if there are scheduling difficulties.  They will do what they can to accommodate you if you give plenty of notice.


To play a tournament, you don’t need to be any good at squash (playing them is a great way to get good) but you do need to be a full member of the club, be registered on Squash New Zealand’s ‘grading list’ and know how to call and record the score and referee, as you and your opponent will referee the match following your own.  Don’t worry if the following match involves players far above your grading; the TC will be more than happy to get you to referee a different match.  As all tournaments games are counted for grading purposes, they are a great way to win a heap of grading points in a very short space of time.  The reverse isn’t true; fewer points are at stake in losing than are available when winning.


To enter a tournament, look out for specific entry details on tournament posters you spot.  Most tournaments can be entered online through Squash New Zealand’s ‘iSquash’ site accessible to all players on the grading list.

For information about how to get on the grading list, click here.  To learn how to score and referee, come to Club Night and ask any experienced member and attend a refereeing session that Squash Wellington runs at the club most seasons.  Look out for notice of this refereeing session.


Interclub is exactly what it says on the tin: a squash competition between squash clubs in the same Squash New Zealand district, in our case, the Wellington district.  Each club divides all players wishing to play interclub into as many teams of 4-7 players as they can manage (each team comprising players of similar grading) and Squash Wellington organises teams of similar playing strength into leagues. 


Each league operates as a round-robin on a home and away basis to determine the winner.  Squash Wellington runs a men’s masters competition, a men’s competition (which some strong female players enter), a women’s competition, and a junior competition.


Juniors play on Sunday mornings, men on Tuesday evenings starting at 7pm and women and masters on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm.


Each interclub match consists of four home v away matches (i.e. only 4 players of each team are rostered to play).  The team captain will organise a playing roster at the start of the season unless your team only comprises 4 players in which case you’ll be playing every week!  The season length depends on the number of teams in your division.  For a division of 7 teams, you will play 6 home games and 6 away games.  Some seasons Squash Wellington will call for a final to be played between the top two teams of each division in addition.


The squash captain will appoint (after discussion!) a captain for each interclub team.  Besides organising the roster, the captain has a few administrative duties to get home matches underway; these will be explained by the squash captain.


Which member of the opposing team you play depends on your position in the team on the night.  The players designated no. 1 in each team play each other, the players designated no. 2 play each other and so on.  If players are different grades, they have to be designated in descending grade order but the captain has discretion to nominate the position of players of the same grade. 


The winner on the night is the team that has won the most matches; if the result is 2-2, the winner is the team that won the most games; if an equal number of games are won, the winner of the team is the team that won most points.  If, as can happen, the teams have won the same number of points, squash isn’t the winner but the winner of a coin toss.


If you play interclub, you will be expected to referee/score a match with your opponent. 


Most importantly, teams eat supper (provided by the home team) and have a drink (the first bought by each winner) after the matches have finished.  Every home team player is expected to bring a plate of something that is preferably homemade.  If you host a team that has left before tea time to travel a long way, such as from Waikanae or the Wairarapa, it is good hospitality to make a special effort.


Interclub is a team event so it is encouraged that the whole team stays the whole night (although ducking out for a shower is encouraged!) to support their team mates by watching from the gallery and giving advice in the 90 second interval between games if your team mate is receptive to this.  At home games you will also be expected to tidy the kitchen after supper.


If you team wins, the captain will enter the results on line.  You can check out how other teams in your division got on by viewing the results on the interclub section of the Squash New Zealand iSquash site.  The draw and team members for each division are also accessible there.


A key incentive to winning your division is the ‘prize’ of getting a dodgy team photo added to the wall of honour (or shame, judging by the hairstyles) adjoining the stairwell and a pennant to display in the bar.  You also get the opportunity to gain grading points, as all interclub matches ‘count’ for the winning or losing of grading points.

You can wear any apparel you like to play interclub for Island Bay, but you are welcome to sport a stylish and iconic “C’mon the Bay!” club t-shirt (available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes from the club manager.  For contact details, click here.

Other competitive squash activities

If you can’t get enough of squash from interclub and tournaments, entering the District Superchamps with a team from Island Bay will be your thing.  Whilst interclub teams often consist of a mixture of neighbouring grades, e.g. Bs and Cs, Cs and Ds, Ds and Es, each Squash New Zealand district runs a competition to find the best club team of players of the same grade for men and women separately.  So, if there are enough players of the same grade (at least 5 are needed), consider forming a team and entering Superchamps.  The winning teams from each district for each grade are then eligible to enter the national competition.  Superchamps is a very social event!  Ask the squash club captain for more information if you are thinking of entering a team as coaching may be available.

Mums' squash

The Club runs a Mums’ squash programme open to members (free) or visitors ($5).  Sessions take place on a weekday afternoon (currently Mondays at 3.30-5.00pm) and are aimed at introducing mothers to squash in a fun, casual environment where the mothers spend most of the afternoon on court but each take a short turn minding the children.  The children also get opportunity to do supervised on-court play with soft balls at the end.  For more information, click here.






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