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Squash is unique compared to other sports as Squash New Zealand operates a 'grading system' for players.  This system has recently been adopted by Tennis New Zealand for its players as well.

Depending on your level of ability you will be initially be allocated a grade which indicates this.  For adults (over 19) the grading system starts at F grade and goes up to A1 which is the highest grade possible (usually these are the best players in the country.)  For junior players (under 19) the grading list starts at J5 and goes up to J1 before integrating into the adult grades from F upwards.

A certain range of 'points' gained through play is allocated to each grade and the number of points you win or lose in competitive games depends on the difference in points at the start of the match between you and your opponent.  The greater the points difference, the greater the points at stake.

Being graded allows you to play in competitive tournaments and events like open club tournaments, Wellington Interclub and District Superchamps.  You increase your points, and subsequently your grade, by beating your opponents in these competitions, while conversely, if you are beaten you will lose points (but not as many as you stand to gain by winning, so players rise quicker on winning streaks than they descend if on losing streaks).  Squash New Zealand publishes an updated grading list on the 1st of the month available to downloads here.  However, it is updated in real time (or as fast as interclub captains and tournament controllers can enter results) and is fully searchable for your own and any other graded player’s history.  Any graded player has access to the searchable grading list by logging on here.

To go onto the grading list you should indicate your wish to do so when you complete your membership form on joining, otherwise for existing members email the Club Statistician at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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